made by kellsey: a statement

I make functional objects. They are made for everyday use in the home. Function gives my objects a purpose. The desire to make functional work largely comes from a rural childhood. Materials and objects were scarce, so my entrepreneur-craftsperson family sourced materials and built most needed objects themselves. This cemented my optimistic Do-It-Yourself attitude: nothing is impossibleI make handmade objects. There is a tremendous amount of freedom in hand-building objects. It is quite empowering to turn a ball of mud into a cup or a jar with little more than your own hands. I make objects from a variety of materials, including clay, wood, fabric, and paper. These materials are quite accessible and versatile and are used in all areas of the home, often together. I make objects that are a pleasure to use by making fun and unusual forms. The forms create a sense of whimsy that encourages their use. I make objects that are decorated. I use pastel-coloured slips, carving, and coloured glazes to add layers of colour and texture to the surface. The discovery of hidden, but delightfully decorated, area’s of the forms enhance the user’s experience. Keeping the raw clay body exposed highlights the natural beauty of the material. The patterns on the surfaces of my pots are inspired by repeating patterns in textiles. Other sources of inspiration include the Arts and Craft movement of the 20th century, the theories of William Morris, the Japanese Mengei movement, and DIY subculture. Most of the things that I make are rarely a result of one particular thing, but are a culmination of all of these experiences and interests.